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Steelpoint Property Group has been involved in a wide range of capital improvement projects and can recommend a wholistic solution to upgrading your unit or building, or simply help you execute your plan.

Apartment renovation projects:

  • Unit design and finishes selection

  • Hiring a designer, if necessary

  • Navigating Department of Buildings issues

  • A-to-Z apartment renovation work

Building upgrades:

  • Common area improvements

    • Upgrading hallways​

    • Facade restoration or renovation

    • Elevator cab redesign

    • Stairwell repairs/upgrades

  • Mechanicals review and upgrade

  • Upgrading boilers​​, gas conversions, etc

  • Electrical upgrades

  • New intercom systems

  • Common area lighting (energy efficient with abatement programs available)

  • Building additions/extensions

  • Roof repairs or replacements

  • Site safety requirements

All projects require detailed review of insurance documents, contracts, identifying the appropriate scope of work and much more.  Steelpoint will help every step of the process to ensure work is conducted in a safe, clean, and professional manner to ensure our clients are protected throughout and happy with the final product.

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