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Steelpoint Property Group has been creating value in investment properties for over 60 years in Queens, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Long Island and abroad. We offer comprehensive advisory services that cater to your properties and utilizes them to their full potential. 

Services Include:

Full Review of Your Building: We conduct a detailed review of all aspects of your building advise how best to improve the property and create more efficiencies.

Rent Roll Analysis:  Steelpoint uses proprietary methods to analyze layouts, unit types, and other features to determine how best to optimize your property

Overseeing Captial Expenditures: We detail how expenditure will generate future cash flows for your property and oversee the process from A-Z

Operating Expense Audit: Every operating expense is reviewed line by line to ensure you are generating the greatest operating margin possible and getting rid of unnecessary expenses.

DHCR Review:  If any of your residential units are subject to Rent Stabilization Laws, we can help with that as well.  We stay up-to-date with the most recent Rent Stabilization and Rent Control Laws to ensure you are in compliance with all laws while maximizing rents.  We work with the best and most efficient attorneys in the business to identify potential issues and help our clients navigate them.

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