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About Us

Welcome to Steelpoint Property Group LLC, a commercial real estate investment company founded with the purposes of acquiring, managing and improving New York City real estate.  Created on principles of disciplined quantitative and qualitative underwriting, we seek to create oversized returns by acquiring under-optimized real estate in high-quality neighborhoods.

Steelpoint’s mission is to make investments in strategic locations in growing markets while mitigating potential downside risks.  While markets will ebb and flow, we strive to see opportunity in all markets and have a long-term view on buying real estate. Our mission is to provide excellent service to our tenants.  We believe in fostering strong relationships with vendors, investors, lenders, buyers, sellers and our tenants to ensure our business can continue to grow.  Any investment decision requires a gut feeling that is supported by hard data accumulated by meticulous research.  Our entrepreneurial style allows us to act quickly and reactively to the market and deal-level situations.

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